Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Part Two: Really Affordable Art (plus a little shameless self promotion)

Whenever I see an email pop up from Penny Farthing Design House, my heart flutters. But this afternoon, when I mosied on over to the site to check out their latest works of art, it literally skipped a beat.

In case you're wondering,
PFDH is the love child of the talented Alice Flynn, who kindly allowed me to shoot her house for SHOP Til You Drop Magazine, which Louise, over at Table Tonic happened to blog about this morning (along with a heap of other incredible Aussie homes that I've had the joy of styling for the mag). Talk about timing!

Now here's the shameless self promotion part: If you'd like to see some of my handi work for the mag, head over to Table Tonic and follow the links.

Take your lunch from home for the next month and buy this screen print instead, please. It's the smartest $220 you could ever spend.

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