Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Need now: Glass planters from Score and Solder

OK. I'll admit it, I'm hooked on the idea of indoor plants, but these artwork-like glass planters from Score and Solder have taken my obsession to a whole new level. In fact, they're so popular, they're currently on back order til mid October.

Some of my handiwork on show: HSW 2012 Catalogue

So, earlier this year, I had the delight of styling the 2012 Howards Storage World catalogue (you can check it out online over here) and I'm over-the-moon to see that it's finally in-store. I had a blast of a time working on the project and I'm pretty chuffed with how it looks.

A big thanks to my friend, Lou, over at Table Tonic for a) alerting me to the fact that it's in-store and b) for having such wicked Ikat cushions and Moroccan leather pouffes that we used throughout the catalogue.

Images courtesy of Table Tonic