Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cool space for a cool lady

The owner of this pretty place, Jacqui Lewis is a Jill Of All Trades. Amongst other things, she's a PR guru, blogger, entrepreneur, mother and all round great lady with impeccable taste. I shot her in her 'old' house last year, but recently discovered on her blog that she's moved digs. Here are some pics of the 'new' and 'old.'

The 'new' apartment has a very different vibe indeed which I'm more than loving...

The 'new':

... vs. the 'old':

Dear Ms Spade...

You are my hero. I love your home just as much as I do your punch-bright shoes and stationary. You rock, lady.

In the genes

Proof you don't have to get all practical and beige when you have kids, kind of like The Selby but for parents, Frontliners gives you a sneak peak into the homes of all kinds of incredibly stylish families.

P.S Frontliners' is the love child of writer, stylist and blogger, Natalie Walton and photographer Kata Varga.

Amanda Mahoney and co.

Inez Garcia, fashion stylist and co.