Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Match

Not sure about you, but predictable day-of-loving gifts, read: red roses, teddy bears and heart-shaped balloons, make me queasy. If I had my way, everyone the world over would be getting one, or all of these treats delivered to them on February 14th. It's not that far off, you know?

1. 'For Like Ever' print because unlike a box of soft-centred chocolates, you will keep it for... like, ever. Cupid can BUY IT FOR YOU HERE.

2. A message in a bottle, like this one that you can keep adding to each year. You can buy it for your someone-special,HERE.

3. Cheeky and light-hearted, you can stock up on more dry/witty/funny/ridiculous prints just like this one, HERE.

4. For the many cosy nights in on the lounge together that lie ahead. It's from the worlds most loveable designer, Jonathan Adler, so naturally you're going to love it, too.

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